Smart-DM is an engineering tool for Smart Phones, used for measuring / maintenance / optimizing / benchmark-test in mobile network environment.
The radio environment information is collected from the mobile communications system for analysis to discover the defective and shadow zones of transmission that can be identified with the naked eye. It is used to generate basic information for base station expansion/relocation by comparing the design goals and actual quality after the establishment of the communications network. When use a SmartPhone, is so easy to make measurements in crowded streets, parks, buildings, subways, and existing vehicle's equipment can't do that.
Support Auto testing through a powerful script(Voice, FTP, HTTP, VOD, etc..)
Support a variety of wireless network protocols(CDMA/EVDO/GSM/WCDMA/LTE/WIFI)
Generated in real time all data is stored and can be Replay
Provide a wide variety of monitoring views about monitoring information.
Supports protocol analysis(Air interface message analysis : Android only)
Supports post-processing analysis
Support real-time Google Satellite Maps
Support measurement of indoor wireless environment
Support multiple OS(iPhone, Android, Window Phone)